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Many men become bald in their life. Around 50% of all men in Europe at the age over 50 are bald. That’s a lot. Bald men tend to get skin cancer easier due to the over exposure of UV-light during their lifetime. That’s because hair has the function to protect the human scalp. Since bald men don’t have that protection bald men are at an increased risk of eveloping skin aging and skin diseases. Because bald men shave their head daily for aesthetic reasons they are also at increased risk of developing shaving irritations.

Studies have shown that male-pattern baldness is significantly associated with an increased risk of skin cancer including both squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and basal cell carcinoma (BCC). While the head and neck can also be affected, the scalp is the area most at risk. Those with a bald scalp are more likely to suffer from actinic keratosis – pre-malignant growths that may develop into skin cancer. Thousands of people are diagnosed every year. With an eye to reducing this number, BALDFORCE® decided to focus on developing a protective scalp moisturiser that not only soothes the skin but shields it from the sun’s rays too – one of the main contributing factors in the development of the disease. We take our commitment to the fight against skin cancer extremely seriously which is why we donate €1 from each sale to the World Cancer Research Fund (NL).


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